I’ve already spoken about my love of Hanoi and especially the Vietnamese street food. Trying to decipher the hundreds of signs, however is really tricky. There are hundreds of steaming pots of noodles, sizzling pans of chicken, vegetables, countless types of fried rice, spring rolls, salads and pancakes. After a few days of arduous, tasting, testing, slurping, chewing and munching I have finally found the BEST and hopefully you too can follow your own DIY Hanoi street food walk.

Bun Cha
Spiced Pork broth, noodles and salad.
This is one of my favourite soup dishes in Hanoi and maybe Vietnam. Hop over to Bun Cha Ta and experience their spiced apple and pork broth with little pork patties floating inside. Fill your bowl of brothy goodness with the rice noodles and fresh salad and mint leaves and slurps away. Best not wear anything white, it’s guaranteed you’ll end up with noodle or noodle juice down your front at some point.



Nom Thit Bo Kho
Dry beef and garlic peanut and papaya salad
This is a really interesting dish, it has SO much flavour, lots of different textures and packed full of veg and vitamins. Dried beef jerky and boiled beef is served with crushed roasted peanuts as well as whole garlic coated peanuts, which are lurking at the bottom of the dish flavouring a soy sauce dressing.




Banh Tra Xanh / Roti
Green Tea Coffee Buns
These little buns of yumminess are sort of like a doughnut but not as sugary. The basic buns are light, chewy and are filled with some kind of jam, sauce or syrup. The buns are topped with a crispy topping that matches the filling. The green tea buns are my fav, and filled with a jasmine apple jam and that green tea crispy topping makes them look a giant pea but trust me, they are delish. A roti, a cup of cinnamon tea and you’ll find me a happy Charlotte. For the BEST in Hanoi, don’t miss King Roti!banh-tra-xanh-buns-hanoi


Banh Mi
The best sandwiches known to man.
Gum piercingly crispy and pillow soft baguettes with Vietnamese pate, sausage, chilli sauce, garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickled cabbage, carrot and onion. Suck on THAT McDonalds!

Chanh Bac Ha
Mint ice cream and lime ice lolly
There is only one place that I know of which sells this little iced treat. The best way to describe these would be, to think of a deconstructed mojito, but without the rum. Smooth minty ice cream is covered in tart and sweet lime ice lolly. A new, refreshing take on a Solero. You can pick one of these things at the ice cream stand on the corner of Ho Hoan Kiem Lake.



Banh Cuon Nong
Shrimp rice pancakes
I’m slightly allergic to seafood so I’ve only had the vegetable versions of these but there are made all over the place, with the shrimp version being the most popular. These are almost like Chinese style dumplings, but rolled like a mini crepe. The final rolls are topped with crispy onions with a chilli, vinegar and soy dipping sauce.



No go free, eat, stuff, nibble and go be fat!



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